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SoftiTechture is the union of Software, Technology, and Architecture. My educational background, professional experience, and passion are in these areas. I can assist you in ensuring that your projects succeed.

Etymology: Middle French architecte, from Latin architectus, from Greek architektOn master builder, from archi- tektOn builder
Date: 1563
- a person who designs and guides a plan or undertaking
(Merriam-Webster dictionary)

The software architect is the key technical resource for the project.  He is expected to lead and coordinate the various technical activities throughout the life of a project and to act as the client's advocate; ensuring that the project is built to comply with and maintain the vision established when the "blueprint" for the project was first solidified. Due to these demands, an architect must have the breadth of knowledge necessary to be able to manage the project from the early inception phase through the later phases such as testing and QA, and into a successful deployment.  A distributed system commonly involves numerous technologies being used at various tiers - HTML, JavaScript, XML, platforms & frameworks (.NET, J2EE, etc.), and data persistence. The architect must be capable of understanding each. An architect should also be able to bring some calming and sustaining qualities into the torrents of the average project life cycle. These might include: 

  • Leadership - The architect should be the technical driving force on the project.  He should tackle the most difficult technical issues that arise and ensure consistency across teams and modules as well as actively promote team cohesiveness by being a mentor to developers and in return, he should also be willing to learn from their experiences.
  • Experience - The architect should possess a solid understanding of software engineering principles acquired through years of honing his skills on past projects.  He should bring needed exposure to various problem domains and technologies and assist in forming potential solutions.
  • Focus  - Results are important. In the end the final goal is to produce a functional system that meets business needs and exceeds user's expectations.  The architect keeps that goal in the forefront and drives the team deliver results.
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